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The Positive Future of Retail Stores.

Date: 17/09/2020   l   Category: Retail

The Positive Future of Retail Stores. That can be managed quickly.

Reinventing retail - Stores that don't sell or Zero inventory retail.

This is a solution within the reach of every brick and mortar retailer. Very quickly because tech platforms are available. And at a low cost.

Use COVID to make all our stores into places to ONLY visit to experience the product.

ZERO sales in-store. All sales are on eCommerce.

A solution P&L account (investors and CFOs) will love.

1. Few large warehouses and smaller stores
2. No logistics to stores and reverse logistics.
3. No micro-management of inventory at thousands of locations.
4. Little micro-management of store operations.
5. Stores add financial value - save the cost of eCommerce returns.

Real future

1. Make product on-demand in local factories
2. Zero inventory retail

Is this a model that will reduce inventory risk? Reduce working capital? Increase staffing for delivery? Mimic the ZARA manufacturing Model (imagine a 5-month invisible inventory in the current retail chains)?

This is where technology companies will need to craft innovative tech implementation strategies using innovative proposals.

Makes Walmart purchase of Bonobos prescient.