Upcoming Programs


Customized Programs

We partner CEOs, Heads of Learning and Development and senior executives to design and deliver practical high-impact programs that address specific needs and deliver measurable results. Our goal is to bring our clients vision to life focusing on people to deliver results using customized Executive Education.

Focus Areas

  • Strategy Development and Execution to Achieve Results
  • Creating a Culture of Ownership and Performance
  • Developing Strategic Intuition
  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Promise of Results using Proprietary Technology

Goal of the programs is lasting impact measured in results. Our focus is learning that sticks and encourages behavioral change in leaders to deliver performance. Our customized programs deliver results by equipping people with skills and tools (SmartGlobal own technology platforms).

How we Work

We understand organization priorities, business context and challenges, and co-create customized programs to fulfil business potential. We work as a business partner with clients; manage the entire learning experience to support the development of their leaders before, during and after a program.

SmartGlobal – the FIRE Principle

Our customized programs based on four words; Focus, Insight, Rouse and Effect.

  • Focus – Eyes on results, controllable drivers, inputs and people
  • Insight – Blend professional and academic insights to create and deliver learning
  • Rouse – Inspire people to challenge themselves and their thinking
  • Effect – Deliver results with Executive Education programs that drive individuals and organizations to achieve their goals and vision

Faculty – Practitioners and Scholars

Our leadership team, having been CEOs, work to achieve a blend of practitioners and academics to deliver the programs. This gives your team the best foundation for constructive debate, informed thinking and practical impact. Our goal is to enable everyone to hear different points of view, focus on common goals of the organization, develop their own conclusions, change their mindsets and create a personal approach to deliver results. Every musician plays the same musical piece in their own inimitable way.

Program Content and Delivery

We believe that traditional executive education – the ‘what’ taught through academic lectures, case studies, descriptions of tools and frameworks – needs to be complemented with a ‘how’ – an execution attitude and methodology.

Our methods include all or some of the following:

  • Facilitated group discussions
  • Formal lectures
  • Live project work
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Action learning groups.

We are flexible and make changes to programs to as they evolve. Through observation and feedback, we are able to adjust the delivery of our programs to achieve results.

Duration of engagement

Duration of engagement is based on client needs and expectations. These are usually multiple short and sharp, one or two-day engagements built around client-specific business challenges and are designed to equip teams to achieve goals with tools to think and work differently.

Post-program People Development

We undertake follow-up work to reinforce the learning and its practical impact back in your organization and to continue the development of your leaders once they have completed their program.