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What We Do


SmartGlobal (SG) develops careers and leaders by providing best leadership training for leadership development. We create career opportunities for managers to become general managers and CEOs.

We provide the best Executive Education Programs for management professionals in the GCC region. SmartGlobal works with leading institutions to create and deliver region-specific Executive Education programs. SmartGlobal worked with Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) for thirteen years establishing them in the region. SmartGlobal works with Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

SG has branched into programs for entrepreneur development, strategy execution, organization culture development and other programs all based on proprietary digital platforms. These in-house programs are planned and delivered by Dr. Manoj Nakra, practitioner-scholar.

SG started in 2005. SG works with best-in-class educational institutions and uses proprietary technology to bring cutting-edge management thinking, skills, and business practices to empower professionals to meet individual and organizational challenges – now and in the future.

SmartGlobal is located in Dubai, UAE. Dubai is the business capital of the GCC and one of the most exciting cities and stimulating cities to learn and work.

What We Do

SmartGlobal helps managers and professionals reinvent careers by acquiring knowledge.

Program Need

The greatest threat of professionals in corporate life is the obsolescence of their know-how, primary tool by which they add value to an organization. The following graphic depicts the need of professionals to constantly reinvent themselves.

In a hyper-competitive globalized economy every professional has occasionally ‘felt’ that his professional ‘reinvention’ is lagging behind the pace of change in industry. The following graph highlights the source of this threat.

Professional knowledge has a half-life. Half of our professional knowledge will be obsolete in the next 2 to 8 years. Best defense against the threat of knowledge obsolescence is to acquire new knowledge assets to increase professional value, utility, and relevance. Forward-thinking professionals are always in search of new ways to broaden their horizons, expand their skills, and achieve new levels of organizational and professional success. SmartGlobal makes this easy. SG provides the wherewithal you need to advance your career.

Value Propositon

SmartGlobal identifies market knowledge needs and then works with leading institutions to develop ‘Executive Education’ programs with appropriate curriculums to fulfill the knowledge needs.

World-renowned faculty travels to Dubai to engage face-to-face with participants sharing their wealth of business and management expertise gained through advising companies and insights from ground-breaking research.

SG strategy of Executive Education is to focus on the knowledge need, create curriculums, develop programs, identify institutions as source of knowledge, and organize delivery.

Program Value

SG executive education programs are unique.

  • SG brings the best-in-class institutions to Dubai with great faculty and distinctive teaching and learning methodology. All programs are delivered in Dubai with few sessions in the partner institutions.
  • Successful participants receive certificates from partner institutions. And in most cases become members of respective alumni networks.
  • All programs are customized for the region.
  • All programs are offered on weekends to suit needs of participants. Learning complements work.
  • The programs demand a great deal from both the faculty and participants. The faculty travels to deliver the program modules.
  • The faculty is close to the world of practice, research, and committed to teaching.
  • The participants have reciprocal responsibilities. They are pressurized to prepare before coming to seminars to make the engagement worthwhile. In the seminar participation is intellectually challenging and invigorating. The participants will find their assumptions and beliefs challenged as they are introduced to new and strategic ways of thinking.
  • Programs have lasting impact on careers of the participants. Programs empower participants meet their individual professional challenges. The participants will return to their workplace with fresh ideas, new business skills, and a greater capacity for addressing their work challenges.
  • Programs are delivered through a mix of case studies, participant discussions, and peer-knowledge exchange managed by faculty. The case-method, pioneered by Harvard Business School, helps participants learn by assessing, analyzing, and mimicking decision-making in complex business situations.
  • The diversity of participants (roles, functions, industries) enhances learning through peer-knowledge exchange. Seminars are a perfect environment for developing new ideas to implement.
  • SG has diverse Executive Education programs covering General Management, Retail, Finance, Supply Chain, Human Resources, and Entrepreneurship.